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Today, September 27th, 2014, Cher announced a delay in the D2K Tour after doctors said the singer needed more rest. Cher’s spokesperson said she had a viral infection that affected her kidneys and doctors have advised that she takes more time to recuperate. While eCity Tickets does not have the new dates for her rescheduled concerts, a new schedule for upcoming tour dates will be announced next week. All tickets already purchased will be honored for the newly rescheduled dates. The following statement was released from Cher: “I want to thank all my fans for their good wishes, patience and prayers. The doctors assure me that I will be totally well by November 9th and ready to perform my show. I’m truly sorry that I can’t get on the stage sooner. But, the good news is that I’m on the mend and feeling better every day. I can’t wait to see you all. I’ll be ‘Dressed to Kill’ in my unbelievable new Bob Mackie gowns and promise you an unforgettable night.” Cher’s tour will resume in Lubbock Texas on November 9th. The D2K concert serious has already had 49 shows. Find Cher Tickets for all of The Dressed To Kill Tour concerts now online. This tour is very popular so be sure and lock in your Cher Tickets early to get the best possible seating. Cher is on the road again in 2014 with the Dressed to Kill tour. Cher has just added a lot more cities to this tour. Cher is on tour in support of her Closer to the Truth album. The tour is named after one of the new songs on the record. Cher's last outing, The Farewell Tour, renamed The Never Can Say Goodbye Tour before its long run ended, played a record-breaking 325 dates for 5.5 million fans. This site is brought to you by Find Cher Tickets now to lock in the Best Seats.

Cher Tickets

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Cher Tickets are in stock now for all of The Dressed To Kill 2014 Tour concerts.

Tickets for 2014 Cher Tour are available at eCityTickets now for all of The Dressed To Kill Tour Concerts. Since Cher changed the name of her last tour from the Farewell Tour to The Never Can Say Goodbye Tour before the long run, fans could tell she was not quite done performing live. Cher's last headlining tour played at record-breaking 325 dates for 5.5 million fans. Cher Tickets are available now.

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